The Ultimate Summer Parents’ Retreat – Discover, Learn, Play, Be Entertained, and Thrive after!

Join our exclusive retreat designed for parents seeking a delightful and enriching experience from the comfort of their homes! This one-of-a-kind virtual event offers a perfect blend of learning, interactive play, and entertainment.

Order of the event:

  1. Teaching sessions: A 45-minute presentation by renowned speakers based on our theme, “Parenting for Significance: Design the Future Now!”, aimed at sparking conversations among parents on how to raise the future generation in the ways of the Lord.
  2. Panel sessions: An interactive Q&A session aimed at delving deeper into the subject matter;  addressing  specific themes related to parenting for significance as raised by participants or the panel.
  3. Workshop and Interactive Session: Participants will learn and practically create a family culture and covenant statement, hosted by the Arrowsnarchers team.

These activities allow you to connect with fellow parents, exchange ideas, and explore creative ways to bond with your kids, and nurture them the God way, especially in these times that the world is filled with distractions, superficial ambitions and misplaced priorities.

Don’t miss this chance to enhance your parenting skills while addressing Christian parenting concerns of the present day. Register now to secure your spot. See you there!

Check out reviews from our previous events:

“So many reorienting nuggets being dropped by Ayo in the first 25 mins alone that I want to pause, note it down, start , pause , note it down and repeat the cycle again 🔥 . Thank you Ayo for this summit."

“Thank you 😊. It’s been of immense value to me”

Yes, you can. There are three instalments available.
For details, reach out to the team on

This is a Christian Parenting Conference/Retreat.  However, many areas covered will be generally applicable.