Hey friend, 

Recently I sat wondering about the Parent -Child relationship in respect to temperaments and dispositions. 

I discovered that as unique as each child in a home is, he or she takes on a similar temperament or disposition to one or even both parents.

 In the same vein, the parent whom this child emulates in certain mannerisms and the child in question, sometimes, do not seem to get along. As it was in my case while growing up!

My Father has always been strict, no-nonsense, and principled. Read more “RE-PROGRAM YOUR HOME!”


Get Ready

Hello Dear Friend,

Exactly six months ago today, we were still in the Christmas festive mode. Depending on where you are you may have had parties to celebrate Christmas with friends and family. It was a beautiful time. 

No one knew what the days ahead were bringing. We were however, glad about the turn of a new decade 2020. Countries prepared, people set goals, 2020 was the year to look forward to. Some years before now, vision 2020 for many people was exciting to think about. Read more “Get Ready”




I know it is mid-week but I hope you are having a great week and things are working for you, productivity at work, peace at home, peace in your heart and assurance for brighter days.

Whenever you watch a relay race, how do you feel? Are watching the speed of your favourite team and runner or are you waiting for the time when the first athlete hands over the baton to the next so that your team can stay ahead? Read more “HAND IT OVER FIRMLY!”




“Mummy, I don’t have shoes to wear to church”.

“That is impossible, we bought a few pairs only last year. Go and check again. There must be one you can wear”.

A few minutes later…….

“I have checked mummy, my toes are squashed in this one, I can’t even get my heels into that one”.

Almost every time my children go through a growth spurt, It seems I am the last one to get the memo.

I keep thinking they don’t not need clothes or shoes for the next six months, we just shopped for them. Read more “YOU ARE GROWING TOO!”



You’ve probably heard me say this.

Going to school every Monday morning in my house is like going camping. I look like the boys scout leader with bags, musical instruments and sports bags on my shoulders while my kids trudge along carrying one other kit or the other. We have most things ready the night before and because it is my children’s responsibility to find some of their things.

 I instruct them to gather rulers, trainers, water bottles etc and keep them where we can easily see them on Monday Morning. Read more “OPERATION ABORT!”




You know how deliberate God is, how intentional he is at everything and how he plans everything perfectly?


Let me connect that to you and your children.

When you made decision to have a child or maybe even fell pregnant, God was not surprised. He and heaven were not running around trying to discover if the child that just entered your womb should have been headed in your direction. God was not giving commands in heaven to ‘divert’ the fertilised egg in the direction of a different womb. Read more “YOU ARE A MATCH”



The facilitator of our walk with God is the Holy Spirit. He teaches us and directs us and reveals the mind of God to us.
To our own advantage he is also our facilitator on our journey as parents since we cannot be the kind of parents God expects us to be without a relationship with God and we don’t control what happens within time and space.

Can you count the number of times you have felt nudge to check on your child, call your child, pray for your child, take some time out of the usual to spend with your child.How many times have you have put it down to ‘something just told me’ or maybe I am just overthinking things?’ Read more


Celebrate today, and the days ahead.

 Hello Friend,
Welcome to June! When we began 2019, we probably didn’t know how quickly the year will go by. But here we are,  five months done, and at the beginning of the sixth month. 
The joys, the laughter, the challenges, the wins, the losses, the nights spent praying, the ones possibly spent shedding a tear or two have all brought you to this moment. They are forming part of your 2019 story.  But we have hope that there are better days ahead of us because God promises us that the glory of the latter surpasses the former ( Haggai 2:9) and that the path of the righteous is like the shining light that shines more and more ( Psalm 4:8)
The month of June is a special and significant month for me.
Read more “Celebrate today, and the days ahead.”



Decluttering, Clearing out, making room for the things that are most important and healthy. These are a few things that are not really emphasized when mental health is spoken about. 

The stress of everyday life and challenges take a huge toll and so many people are seeking help and healing. 

I would like think about it in this way.

There is an important and often overlooked cure or prophylactic  for things that clog up or could ail the mind of a person.  Read more “WHAT ARE YOU FEEDING IT?”


Of what use is it when you put others first?

Hello to you,

I hope the month of May is turning out as you expected or even pleasantly more than you expected.

Let me share this with you.

As a child I learnt this song.

Jesus First

Others Next

Yourself Last.

Do you agree?

What is the point of putting the interests of others before yours?

Does it make any difference?

About a week ago, I finished reading a book that really got me thinking. In the book, the writer talked about how you gain more influence by putting the interests of others first as part of the five laws of stratospheric success. Read more “Of what use is it when you put others first?”