How often do you throw tantrums?

During the course of the week, my almost 3year old has been displaying certain behaviours. My children are well behaved, and I am usually on top of proper and good manners. When I think of unacceptable behaviour, I think of unacceptable dressing. Of course, this is relative, as what is acceptable to me may not be generally acceptable.
So after dropping her big sister off at school in the morning for the most part fo this week, she would decide that she is not coming with me. See me see trouble! Read more



Have you ever peered through the cockpit of an aircraft to see how pilots fly a plane? They can manually fly the plane by taking the controls and steering the aircraft in the right direction for many miles. After a while, the Pilot may decide to tell the plane where to go by activating the autopilot. He or she is constantly watching, just in case something goes wrong with the controls thereby affecting the flight or the plane.  Ultimately, this pilot is in control of that plane.


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Sizing up your arrows

When an archer plans to shoot an arrow, he looks into his quiver and searches for one that he thinks would hit the target he is aiming for. While he is at it, he is looking for a lighter, slimmer arrow that can gain speed quickly. He would neglect the short and heavier arrows because he does not think that they have the potential to go very far.

As archers(parents) sometimes we find ourselves doing the same thing with our arrows( children). We size them up before we make plans to shoot them. We sometimes cannot see beyond the now and what the child is still working at. We exhibit this in different ways.  Read more


What have you got in your hands?

As parents (Archers), we are called to be caretakers and custodians of the precious ones(arrows) that God has given us. If I am to be totally honest with myself, parenting is not walk in the park, let alone a Christian parent in these times. I don’t know about you. That said, we have the Holy Spirit who is an amazing help and guide if we will only work with him.

A custodian/caretaker is a person who has the responsibility of  keeping, looking after or overseeing something or someone. The person in this role is given certain  tools or resources with which he or she needs to do the job properly. These resources not only aid the custodian but they benefit the thing or person that is being looked after.

When you and I were blessed with children. We were given the resources needed to be parents as God and not the world has called us to be.   Read more



Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6.

1I am sure you know this verse of scripture. You’ve probably heard it many times. When I think back at growing up and making career or life’s work choices, I remember the many things that transpired at home between my parents and I. If you were like me, your parents would have wanted you to become a Lawyer, Doctor or an Engineer. Fantastic professions. I could have been a civil engineer because I love buildings with great aesthetics and I loved road networks. I could have also been a Lawyer- never too late ;-). One profession my parents were not confused about me taking up was that of a Doctor. They just thought there was no fit. Ironically, I remember very many years ago during my mandatory national youth service in Nigeria. I was mistakenly tagged Doctor because I loved working in the clinic. I could read a doctor’s prescription and dispense medication accordingly, I measured patients blood pressure levels and assisted my doctor friends in the clinic however I could. But my choice was taking  me down the path of languages, writing and business. Let me break down the scripture above. Read more