I vaguely remember having inactive or boring summer holidays as a child. That’s probably because I never had one. There were trees to climb, different educational trips to go on, sand games to play, puppies to cuddle and adventures to go on via books.

As times have changed, parents are spending a ample amount of time being confused about engaging their children over the summer holidays.

Some of these stem from not being able to take time off work or having really little time.

I believe the more focused we are on the quality of the time we spend, the more impactful the quantity we have will be.

Reading is one way to fill children’s day with the right activities. Especially reading for pleasure. Our local library has an incentivised challenge every summer that encourages children to read wide and read for pleasure.

Look up your local library for activities they have this summer. Most of the activities will appeal to children between 3-12 years.

I found a particular study which highlights huge cognitive benefits when children read for pleasure.

They found a significant positive correlation between reading for pleasure and cognitive performance, speech development, and academic achievement.

So, this summer let’s find ways to do some reading 📖

Whilst reading is a key activity, you could also inculcate some other activities to enrich your children’s experience during the summer holidays.

Check out this pack of activities you can engage your 3-10 years with. The unique thing about this pack is that it gives you an opportunity to spend some quality time with your children whilst teaching them about God’s word and contributing to building their faith.

Get the Pack Here

And if you have children ages 11 into teen years, a good book will do them a whole lot of good😊.

 Here is a list which has a mix of books for personal development as well as picks for your tween or teen to read for pleasure.

Please click here  for the list of books.

Raising whole children begins with an internal work of transformation rather than with an influence from an external force The authentic parent is willing to be courageous enough to seek growth and healing where they need them.

 This is why this year at the Arrowsnarchers retreat we are excited to invite courageous parents and the parents who need courage to our annual Christian Parenting Retreat where would be exploring strategies, tools and spiritual, biblical disciplines of healing from past wounds and trauma. Honestly, a broken parent is constantly in survival mode, fire fighting, trying anything they find to raise their children. Most of these efforts are steeped in fear, and end up either backfiring or short lived. 

Being in survival mode is truly draining and tiring. God wants you whole, thriving and raising the children he has given you wholly.

Join us at this year’s parenting weekend retreat-  Becoming a whole parent- Healing for a legacy that lasts. 

Arrows N Archers Family Conference & Retreat’24

Lots of Love

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