Arrows & Archers is a faith based community for parents.

It is for parents who  are seeking to raise excellent children by looking inwards first at their roles as parent/leaders in their homes. Our community brings together parents who are seeking to be intentional with the way they go about their roles.

If we plan other areas of our lives for success, we cannot leave parenting to chance. God wants us to succeed and prosper in all areas of our lives. Within this community we know that our actions, decisions and habits have a way affecting the lives of our children. Therefore, we are considering our positions and dispositions on our journey to raising excellent children.

The journey towards becoming a transformational parent takes time, development and conscious efforts. The return on this investment can so rewarding and long lasting.

Don’t leave your  parenting journey out of your success story. Make it a complete story.

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A group of parents who are refusing to be negligent and are by-passing status-quo to become the parents who raise excellent, successful children. Within this community there will be monthly masterclasses, monthly training modules with videos and workbooks, monthly prayers and constant communication on our private Facebook group.


This is for Parents who have specific big goals they need to achieve in parenting their children. Some of these goals might include structuring and planning learning, building confidence, helping to build relationships among many other goals which will be unique for every parent.


These events will have yearly themes and will bring parents together to learn from other parents who have walked the paths many other parents seek to walk. There will be hand-picked expert speakers in different areas depending on what the theme of the conference is. Parents will participate in different interventions targeted at helping them gain clarity in various aspects of parenting.

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I have learnt a lot from Joy’s work with regard to helping parents raise well rounded children. I live in a society where the work cycle is so intense and there’s hardly time for anything extra. Listening to and reading Joy’s posts is a constant reminder of how important and essential my role is to ensure my children achieve their full potential in life.In the end, its ultimately God who makes this success happen for our children but I believe Joy is God sent as she makes the parenting job a little easier by providing answers to our numerous questions.
Femi Niyi
Femi Niyi
Joy is genuinely passionate about children. She has a rare gift of spotting children’s unique talent.She helped us tremendously in identifying relevant academic resource designed to help our son thrive. Ayo has proven skills in supporting families towards the desire to nurture their children exceptionally.
Bola Adefurin
Bola Adefurin
ArrowsNarchers is indeed inspired by the holy spirit through sister Joy. Every time I read or join
the life presentation, I get blessed. The teachings are life changing, I get to see areas where as
a parent I need to make some adjustments and I get solutions. I’m so convinced in my spirit that
ArrowsNarchers is going places.
Oluwafemi Shadare
Oluwafemi Shadare

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