Arrows & Archers is a leadership academy & community serving Christian parents.

ArrowsNArchers is dedicated to parents who aspire to cultivate excellence in their children by first examining their own roles as leaders within their homes. Our community serves as a unifying platform for parents committed to intentional leadership in their homes.

In the pursuit of life’s success, meticulous planning is applied to various facets of our lives. Parenting, being a paramount aspect, demands a deliberate approach. Recognizing that God desires success and prosperity in all aspects of our lives, we acknowledge that our actions, decisions, and habits profoundly influence the lives of our children.

Within our community, we conscientiously assess our positions and dispositions on the journey to raising exceptional children. The path toward becoming a transformational parent necessitates time, ongoing development, and conscious efforts. The dividends of this investment are not only rewarding but also enduring.

Do not omit your parenting journey from your overarching success narrative. Let it be an integral and fulfilling chapter within your life story.

We invite you to embark on this meaningful journey with us. Join us in shaping a narrative of excellence in parenting.


A group of parents who are refusing to be negligent and are by-passing status-quo to become the parents who raise excellent, successful children. Within this community there will be monthly masterclasses, monthly training modules with videos and workbooks, monthly prayers and constant communication on our private Facebook group.


This is for Parents who have specific big goals they need to achieve in parenting their children. Some of these goals might include structuring and planning learning, building confidence, helping to build relationships among many other goals which will be unique for every parent.


These events will have yearly themes and will bring parents together to learn from other parents who have walked the paths many other parents seek to walk. There will be hand-picked expert speakers in different areas depending on what the theme of the conference is. Parents will participate in different interventions targeted at helping them gain clarity in various aspects of parenting.