Archers Lounge – Mentoring Group

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A close community of parents with a common goal towards learning how to be intentional with Parenting. A group of parents who are refusing to be negligent and are dissing the status-quo to become the best parents and correctly groom their children. Within this community there will be monthly masterclasses, monthly training modules with videos and workbooks, monthly prayers and constant communication on our closed Facebook group.

One to One Mentoring

This is for Parents who have specific big goals they need to achieve in parenting their children. Some of these goals might include structuring and planning learning, building confidence, helping to build relationships among many other goals which will be unique for every parent.

The one to one Mentoring is also for parents who want to support their children to achieve big goals like within a period. An example will be working to pass exams.

With the One to One Mentoring, I will provide unique support for you, provide that much-needed accountability and hold your hands until your goals are achieved. 

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