It is great to be back to blogging here.  I have tried different ways of sharing my thoughts and I have learned a lot in the last couple of years. I have also been involved in a few other things for which I am grateful. My love for writing has not diminished. It has deepened, if anything.
Over the holidays the children and I went through a particular devotional for kids. One of the topics of study within the devotional has stayed with me since then. It also caught the kids’ attention. It is called ‘The Grumbling Game’. On a second thought, the lessons from this devotional are for adults too.
The main lesson is drawn from picking something you do not like, a (chore or responsibility), something you seem to always find a fault in and grumble about. 
Now, turn it around by looking deeper into that same thing to find a reason to be grateful to God for it. 
So, here is one of the ‘things’ we picked out.
Me:– Name one thing you usually complain about.
Daughter :- I complain about the dishes because  I don’t like doing them. 
Me:– Let’s turn it around and find something hidden within the same thing that you can be grateful for.
Daughter:- I get to do the dishes because we have food to eat. The dishes get dirty because we eat with them.
The prayer at the end of the lesson was that of repentance for grumbling and thanksgiving for the blessing of having the things we complained about.
Playing this game was deeply thought provoking and soul searching  even for me as a parent, helping me to deliberately have an attitude of thanksgiving and humility!
There is also a part of this game that prods you towards being a vulnerable, but exemplary leader to your children. ( i.e.) The point where you have to confess what you been grumbling or complaining about and turning it around to find the blessing in it. 
This is a great game to play with your children of ANY AGE! 
Here is the link to the devotional if you would like to go through it with your children.
As simple as this game seems to be, the lesson it teaches does not always come to mind without a shift in the way of thinking. 
Let me know if you will try this game at home and share what you find.

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As part making room to be able to relate well with one another, share, grow and learn we have decided to move the Arrowsnarchers community. It has always been my heart for the community to be built in a space that engenders safety, growth, learning and camaraderie. As intentional Christian parents, this is what our community will enjoy. So, please take this as my invitation from one intentional Christian parent to another to join the Arrowsnarchers Community. I would love to welcome you.
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Lots of Love
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