Welcome to Arrows & Archers, a distinguished platform dedicated to fostering leadership qualities among Christian parents. We are delighted to welcome you.

Arrows & Archers serves as a premier leadership academy and community tailored to empower Christian parents in cultivating the essential skills required to intentionally raise exceptional children and nurture thriving adults.

Our ministry is designed for parents who are earnestly committed to:

  1. Elevating their children to a standard of excellence, ensuring their well-rounded development and success in life and God’s Kingdom.
  2. Identifying and guiding the unique gifts and talents inherent in each of their children.
  3. Establishing and fortifying the structures and principles essential for Kingdom-minded, intentional parenting.
  4. Personal growth and transformation beyond the challenges of trauma, pain, and abuse.

As a mother of three, I understand that the journey of parenting is far from effortless. It is my sincere dedication to assist you in optimizing your parenting experience.

The impact of our collaborative efforts will not only manifest in your personal transformation as a parent but will extend to positively influence your children and enhance the quality of your relationships within the family.

I hold a firm belief that through this ministry, God is raising decisive parents who form a collective of archers, skilfully directing their arrows towards success. It is an exciting journey!

Success in parenting is a deliberate endeavour. Embrace intentionality in your parenting journey!

Here’s to your transformative experience!



Joy is an equipper and nurturer and these are expressed via mentoring, coaching, teaching, storytelling (writing, speaking), family and youth development. She is the host of the of storytelling for parenting podcast.

Arrowsnarchers is a leadership academy and parenting community for Christian parents where parents and parents-to-be develop the much needed capacity required for transformational and successful parenting.

Joy has spent many years working with, and pouring into families and youth in different capacities.

Joy holds degrees in The Management of Training and Development, Organisational Development and Design, and Modern European Languages.

She is a Management Consultant and has experience in coaching and training in different spheres for many years. She enjoys writing, reading, research among other things.

She has authored five books including Discover to Grow for parents and My book of daily confessions for children. She is happily married to her biggest supporter, Yemi and they are blessed with children.