Welcome to arrows & archers!

I am glad you stopped by.

arrowsNarchers is a faith based parenting community where together, parents seek to develop themselves in order to intentionally succeed at raising excellent children.

arrowsNarchers is a platform for Christian parents who are keen on raising their children for excellence, wholeness and success in life. Discovering and channelling the path/s, gifts,and talents of each your  children in the right direction is only part of what we do. This group is also for parents who have an incline or idea about their children’s paths but need some hand-holding in order to spell things out. 

As a mum of three, I know that parenting is no walk in the park. This is why  I am committed to helping you create a unique plan and a clear road-map for your success as a parent. Of course, the fruit of this will be evident in the lives of your children and your relationship with one another.

I want to walk with you, support you and cheer you on as journey towards finding that unique path for each of your children through the leading of God and by strategically doing certain things. The results of this would be happy, thriving and well-nurtured children who grow up to become fulfilled adults. In turn, you, the parent become focused, satisfied and most importantly- less stressed out.

I strongly believe that God is raising decisive parents from this group. A band of archers that will shoot their arrows in the right direction- Success. Exciting!

Success has always been deliberate. Be intentional about your parenting journey!


About Joy


My name is Joy Akinwonmi also known as ‘Ayo’. I am married to my greatest fan and a fantastic man (just had to say) I am also a mother to three beautiful children with aliases: Sweet pea, cupcake and the general.

I have a B.A (Hons) degree in French Language, an MSc in the Management of Training and Development as well as a post-graduate qualification in Organisational Design and Development. I have worked as a Human resource professional and management consultant but I have taught and trained for many years. Children being my biggest audience. I enjoy writing, reading, research, singing, convenient travelling, and sight-seeing.

My desire and passion for teaching, training, coaching and mentoring people explains why I run arrowsNarchers. I am a parent who guns for the outstanding. God has a special mandate for parents (archers) and our children (arrows). One that involves nation building and influencing for good and outstanding excellence. I have spent time at home with my children and for a long while, sometime ago, I belittled the amount of time I was spending with them until God opened my eyes to see that it has been time well invested. I have seen this pay off in my children’s development, character formation, and education.

I advocate for intentional parenting!