Does This Sound Like You?

● You love your children, but aren’t sure how to raise them right.

● You worry your children won’t continue to follow God when they leave home.

● You don’t know if what you’re doing is building good character into your kids.

● You aren’t sure how to build a deep relationship with your child that will last their whole lives.

● You don’t like some things about your kids and you feel guilty.

● You wonder if your children will ever learn discipline.

● You worry you’ve made too many mistakes with your kids.

● You want an exemplary culture in your home but don’t know how to get it.

● You practice some things at home that you picked up because they are commonly practised in many homes around you but you can’t seem to find how they work for your home and children and you don’t know how to turn that around.

● You wish your kids loved each other better, honoured one another and cooperated more.

● You have help and a support network at home and you are beginning to see your kids act with a sense of entitlement.

 ● You worry sometimes because you simply aren’t getting the parenting results that you think you should be, but don’t know why.

● You don’t know how to help your strong-willed child to be disciplined without breaking their strong spirit that you so admire.

● Your child is transitioning from one stage of development to another eg: becoming a teenager and you don’t know how to help them navigate this area. Sometimes you think they are weird. This situation is stirring tension between you.

● You aren’t sure how to help your children figure out who are meant to be, what their gifts and talents are, and how to dream big and pursue those dreams.

● Your child is struggling with peer pressure and choosing the right association and you don’t know how to help them. This situation is affecting both of you.











Let me ask you, would you like the adult your child becomes if you continue with the way you raise them and they continue with their behaviour? If it took you longer than a couple of seconds to answer this, KEEP READING.

Would you like to feel confident in your parenting?

Would you like some support from other like minded parents?

Do you think coaching from an expert would help you?

Do you want to know what is proven to work in this journey of raising Godly children?


The ARCHERS LOUNGE has been created just for you. It is the membership circle of Arrows N Archers. ArrowsNarchers is a faith based parenting community where together, parents seek to develop themselves in order to intentionally succeed at raising outstanding children. It is a close-knit group of parents like you who long to take their parenting journey to the next level and will leave nothing to chance in this great endeavor. It is for those of you who have decided to be deliberate about the way you raise your children, and who want your kids to stand out in the world when it comes to character, life skills, responsibility, utilization of their God-given gifts and talents, and love for others.

Deep down you know you will do whatever it takes. You know that God has assigned you this responsibility, and you know that YOU GET WHAT YOU PUT INTO YOUR CHILDREN!


Archers Lounge


The Archers’ Lounge provides vital and valuable tools, along with the accountability you need to start DOING the right things NOW, and start getting the desired results.
There is so much for you to do within the Lounge. There are value packed modules waiting for you the very minute you join. These modules will come with videos and audio teachings, PDF downloads, constant communication within our private space, monthly masterclasses, case studies, bible studies, and up-to-the moment news regarding all our upcoming programmes. We will even hang out together quite often.

Nobody comes with a manual for these things but much wisdom and support comes from people united for a purpose. Let us share in the wonder of community, as we learn to bear one another’s burdens, crying together and laughing hard at the ability of our children to surprise us in all sorts of ways. We will marvel together as they develop into fantastic, Godly individuals, and we will celebrate their successes together as we see them begin to flourish more and more each day.

The process will change us.

Trust me!


Community and Togetherness

A community of like-minded and deliberate parents in a members only group.

Common Ground and Safe Haven

An understanding that you are not alone with parenting challenges neither are you being judged by anyone.

Support From Me

You have my full attention. I am passionate about your success.


New and supportive friendships with other parents.

Lifetime Access for Members

Access all the modules, tools, kit and portfolio found within the Archers’ Lounge.

Wisdom Sharing

We create a rich bank of wisdom from the experiences and successes of other parents like you. 

Tools & Tangibles

Useful tools that you can work with straight away such as Bible studies, and teaching modules.

Monthly Masterclasses

Joy or a carefully handpicked expert in raising children will lead an impactful masterclass each month.

First Membership and Discounts

Be among the first and founding members of the Archers’ Lounge and receive 15% of all arrowsNarchers external events.

Goal Setting and Tracking

You will have SMART goals to help you on your way towards deliberate parenting. Goals that are directed towards you and your child’s growth .

Praying Buddies

See the awesome power of prayer for your children, as once per month, members will come together as parents to pray together and call on the power of God to help us in this journey of raising these precious children.


Quarterly Tea Parties

To catch up on key milestones, success stories, and just have a good laugh. 

Archers’ Lounge will constantly provide you with invaluable content and support.

Get to know me

My name is Joy  Akinwonmi and I am the founder of Arrows N Archers. I help Christian Parents gain clarity for parenting, and strategically walk with them down clear paths for transformational parenting. The evidence of this will be found in the lives of your children who will in turn join countless children who are being raised to be all God intended them to be. Your child can be a part of that company too!

Being a parent myself, I know the challenges that you face and the learning curves you constantly go through. As part of what I do, I want to share with you the lessons God has taught me on my own journey. I have gone from feeling depressed amidst the peaks and troughs of parenting, being overwhelmed and sometimes being unsure about how to raise my children, to being confident, enthusiastic and determined to raise OUTSTANDING, well-rounded children.

I have also had time to reflect on the efforts and determination of my own parents. I’ve reflected on certain areas of my own upbringing that have shaped who I am today. We are truly products of what we observe. I am more keen on raising children who are world changers and agents for good who will grow up as influencers, relevant members of society, bringing enduring solutions into their environments, making the world better because they are in it.

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I want the parents who join the Archers Lounge to be able to periodically look back on their journey, evaluate and see the powerful results they have achieved as a result of their decisive and intentional parenting. I want them to feel the rewards of their decision to take their role as seriously as they possibly can. Now, imagine a whole community of such Parents! Parenting must never be left to chance and circumstance. You see, here within the Lounge, we create the journey we desire, through the power of the Holy Spirit, Prayer, The Word of God and DELIBERATE ACTION.


“I have learned a lot from Joy’s work with regard to helping parents raise well rounded children. I live in a society where the work cycle is intense and there’s hardly time for anything extra. Listening to and reading Joy’s posts is a constant reminder of how important and essential my role is to ensure my children achieve their full potential in life. In the end, its ultimately God who makes this success happen for our children, but I believe Joy is God sent as she makes the parenting job a little easier by providing answers to our numerous questions.” 

Femi. N

“Joy is genuinely passionate about children. She has a rare gift of spotting children’s unique talent. She helped us tremendously in identifying relevant academic resources designed to help our son thrive. Ayo has proven skills in supporting families towards the desire to nurture their children exceptionally.”

Bola A.


“I have learnt to use my authority as a parent. No better time than now to start training my children in the way of the Lord. Raising an excellent child can be done outside of God, but to raise an Outstanding child can only be in God”.

Femi. S


The Investment to join the Lounge is £14.99, $19, about 7,000 Naira per month.

There will be no problems making payment in your preferred currency.

There are limited spaces currently available, and once this group is closed, there will be no other admissions until next year so that we can buckle down to the nitty gritty, leaving no one playing catch up.



You have a key role to play towards the person your child grows up to be. Do not set your parenting on autopilot. I bring an intentional perspective to all aspects of godly and successful parenting by walking through God’s word for every challenge, every event and every development that occurs on your journey.

I look forward to welcoming you


“You won’t understand the unabashed power of community until you’re a part of one”