Calling on parents of children moving from primary to secondary school?

Join us for a day of learning where you experience impactful strategies to help your child navigate the new season of their lives as well as tips that will empower you to support them adequately.

Some Areas of Concentration During the Bootcamp:

Emotional Well Being
Psychological Safety
Spiritual Development
Parents Session: August 8 2024
Online Webinar @ 8PM

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Children’s Bootcamp Day One- 9TH August 2024
Time: 10am- 3pm  
Children’s Bootcamp Day Two 10th August 2024
Time: 10am- 3pm

Children session will include:

Case Studies
Lived experiences of current secondary school students
Group Tasks

 Cost for children bootcamp- £ 40 per day

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Children must be moving to secondary school or moving secondary schools to benefit from the bootcamp.

Parents are advised to send their children in with lunch according to their preferences. Snacks, drinks and nibble will be provided for the children. 

Bootcamp packs including stationary, workbooks, etc will be provided for each child.