Hello Archer, 

Yes! That’s what you are. That is what God calls you as a parent.

It is great to have you here.

I am certain that you stopped by because you have determined to do all you can to help your child go beyond succeeding in life to becoming outstanding. Guess what?

God had that in his plan too and I am sure you are willing to seek that out and support your child until they achieve that awesome future God has given them. So what do you want to do?

Do you know that you are your child’s greatest influence and teacher? Research has shown that the support given to children by their parents, is indeed vital to their development and success.

Are you struggling to find adequate time to spend with your child?

Or are you clueless about what to do with your child’s talents?

Have you even discovered any talent in your child yet?

Do you also feel overwhelmed and unsure about your parenting journey?                              

      Sounds like you a little bit?

Well, Let’s change that together. Let’s work towards a successful parenting journey for you, let’s dig down together to tap all that is inside you that can help your child become outstanding, observe and nurture your child’s talents and gifts, let’s work towards to do the deliberate. I am committed to you on this interesting journey.

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I am Joy Akinwonmi and I help Christian parents create a successful plan to intentional parenting,  discovering their children’s gifts, planning their children’s learning, creating an exemplary culture  and ultimately helping them to create and follow a plan that would help their children achieve the successful,fulfilling and purposeful lives that God intended for them. God knew you would be the right parent for the treasure he gave to you. Roll up your sleeves, it is going to be amazing ride.

Shall we begin?