Re-programme Your Home

A 12-week Course for Intentional Christian Parents.

Let me congratulate you …

Your intentionality to do better as a parent is worth a thousand applause. An East African adage says, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago…” The same adage goes on to conclude, “… and the second best time is NOW.”

Abraham Lincoln also says

“The best way to predict your future is to create it.” 

There is no better moment to influence the quality of your child(ren)’s life than now.

There at least seven (7) areas of a person’s life where traits, tendencies and past experiences have negative or positive impacts. These areas are highly pertinent to living a fulfilled and successful life. In fact, we measure our successes and outcomes in these areas more than we do in others.

Pretty important eh!

As a parent and parenting coach, I know that many parents are concerned about how their kids turn out. You may be concerned about how to raise your child to be whole and unbroken.  You might even worry because you realise that you are not perfect and might have been broken at some points in your past.

What if I told you that the days ahead could be better, and that you can design your home for the kind of outcome that you desire by providing a healthy and rich bedrock for your children’s future?

Let me take you on a step by step outline of modules that will help you create and see this rich bedrock unfold in your Christian Parenting journey.


This course will help you identify and tackle aspects of your life and exposure that you definitely do not want replayed in your child’s life and take you through practical steps (simple and spiritual steps) to stopping these traits from permeating through your home and finding your kids.

Join a cohort of Intentional Christian parents like you who want to be the transitional generation, the generation of parents who decide  ‘this struggle ends here.’ Parents who want to put a stop to unwanted, painful and unproductive pasts, upbringing, traits and tendencies and restrain these elements from finding their kids; and sabotaging their future whether in life,  spiritually, in their assignments or in the marketplace.

The entire course will involve: visual teaching aids, Interactive workbooks/ Journals to record your progress and thoughts, live sessions for Q&A, movie hangouts,  and extra resources necessary to drive home salient points and help you make the much needed shift. 

PART 1 - You Are An Operating System

Think of the human mind as a computer with an operating system that has different programmable compartments. Yes! This is how we are.

In life, little bits and pieces of  information, action and events program our minds to function in a certain ways, thereby influencing our life experiences. 

These programs are written by:

  • Words spoken to you as a child
  • Things you constantly observed in your most prevalent environments
  • Things you heard constantly
  • Things that were done to you
  • The things you allowed into your life
  • And you- how and what you think of yourself.

The course modules- one after the other, help you reconfigure your mind, time, and relationships among other things as well as re-program your home, and impact your children so that they may enjoy many desired outcomes and successes in life.

Course Modules


Have you ever wondered how your worldview as a parent has influenced your children, their choices and how it relates to them coming into their own in life? You are currently living out and displaying the mindset you carry. Do you realise that you can pass on your mindset to your children?

Maybe it is as little as procrastination or as big as a lack mentality, ultimately, your mindset can become a hindrance to your child’s future.

By the end of this course, your mind will be in a better shape; a mind that you will not be ashamed of your kids mirroring.

Do you fall into one or more of these categories as a Christian parent in the 21st century?

  • The way you appear to others is more important than what is on your inside.
  • As a child or young adult, you thought or were taught that using your imagination was evil.
  • You grew up needing approvals from everyone before following your heart, even when God was leading you, therefore you have become needy and insecure.
  • You did not understand the difference between discipline and punishment and you worry about doing things wrong.
  • You grew up in a judgemental environment, where you hardly received nor gave compliments.

You see, part of being an intentional parent is being deliberate about developing and looking after your mind. So, If you have had any of the experiences above, this module will open your eyes and show you how to stop raising your children from the circumstances mentioned above and duplicating these traits in them.

Let me show you how to have a healthy, whole mind and how to enrich your children’s lives from it.


An unknown writer once said, “Words are seeds that do more than blow around”. Words are also building blocks that lay the foundation of a person’s life. Be careful what you plant and what you build. As a parent, you are already building a life with your words. Therefore, what kind of building will you have with what you are saying now?  

This module will help you identify the effects of your spoken words on your children till date, and help you build a vault of powerful, edifying words that will propel your children forward into great success and fulfilment. 

Let me show you how to build your home and children with words that build beautiful lives.


What can time say about you? Do you feel like time always finds a way to elude you? Do you find that your child has no awareness or respect for time?  Is everyone in your home always running late? There is no need to feel defeated. You can stop the cycle and optimise every moment, and not just for yourself, but for your kids too. You can maximise your moments to create cherished memories in your children’s lives.

This module will help you decipher how your attitude to time spent, wasted or invested is impacting on your children and parenting journey as well as provide you with a system to staying on top of time for real success and beautiful outcomes. 

 Don’t let time tell, you can call the shots. Let me show you how.


What is your relationship with money like? Do you think you have a healthy one? How financially literate are you? Will your child’s financial future be secure if all they learn about money is from the current you?

Your financial literacy is a legacy for your children. What will you leave behind?

This module will help open your eyes to dangers of a nonchalant, careless and ignorant demeanour to money and the effects of this attitude on your children. It will also help you develop the right disposition to money, wealth and its education for you and your children. 

Leave the right legacy. Let me show you how!

You are what you do and what you eat…same goes for your children. If you were told that you were responsible for your child’s ailment because of the things you fed them, how would you feel? What would that trigger in your heart? What does the body and physical health of your dreams look like? What state of health do you wish for your child? Your child’s Ideal health and yours should not be a dream.

This module will help you uncover hidden, unproductive traditions and cultures that might be running the lives of your family members down. The module will also help to create an appropriate mindset towards healthy living and longevity for you.

Especially for your children!

 Stop WISHING…It is time to deliberately snap things into shape.

People are a luxury; they can afford you many​ beautiful things. How rich are you in this currency? How well do you manage your relationships? Remember that your kids are playing this out.

The right relationships in a person’s life are a sign of prosperity.

 This module will not only teach you the ideal interpersonal skills you need, it will teach you to help your children cultivate, treasure, and manage wholesome relationships too.

 A great relationship is a great currency. Learn how to share this with your children. 

PART 2 The Catalyst Program

Every ship has a framework that enables it float. This module goes in-depth into core biblical and Spirit-led activities that set the scene for a transformation in each of the areas mentioned in the first part of the course. This module crowns the entire course and helps to give grounding and proper perspective to your desired results in the other areas.

It is common knowledge that the Spiritual controls the physical realm. So, you cannot achieve lasting results without an injection of life from the Spirit. 

Without the supply of the Holy Spirit there can be no lasting change in the other areas. This module helps you ‘apply the axe to the root of the matter’.


Reprogram Your Home

A 12-week Course for Intentional Christian Parents
  • Visual Teaching Aids
  • Interactive workbook / Journal
  • Live sessions for Q&A
  • Movie Hangouts
  • A free 40 mins private session (worth $150)

About Me

My name is Joy Akinwonmi; an ‘Intentional Parenting’ mentor and coach. I run ‘Arrows N Archers, a  community where I help Christian parents create clear paths to all round excellence through intentional and kingdom-minded parenting.  

I remember thinking through my own life experiences and how some of them impacted on my view of life and response to situations. I was clear about one thing; I wanted my kids to have a different experience. I did not want a duplication of unwanted experiences for them. I didn’t want them to lose out on life’s opportunities because they viewed life in certain ways. I knew that as a parent, I could only lead them from the content of my own experiences and exposure.  

So, I set out to solve this so that my children in order to give my children more useful and productive experiences that contribute to a whole, unbroken and rich life for them. These are the things I will be teaching Christian parents in this course.

So, come on in….