During the course of the week, my almost 3year old has been displaying certain behaviours. My children are well behaved, and I am usually on top of proper and good manners. When I think of unacceptable behaviour, I think of unacceptable dressing. Of course, this is relative, as what is acceptable to me may not be generally acceptable.
So after dropping her big sister off at school in the morning for the most part fo this week, she would decide that she is not coming with me. See me see trouble! Tantrums

She would not only say no to going in the car with me, she would start screaming and kicking because she wants to go with another parent(our children attend the same school and we have struck up some form of friendship). This is a child that loves our home and always want to go back home even when we travel and are supposed to be having fun.

We have had the conversation one time too many. ‘When mummy says no she means no’. If you witnessed this display in the school car park you would think’ why is this child running away from her mother?

The next thing that has been ticking me off this week is the issue with crying because she wants something from her sister. Bear in mind that this thing rightfully belongs to her sister o. We have gone over saying Please can I have…… so many times. But she either just says ‘that is mine’,or I want it. Huh???

My husband is usually more diplomatic with these things. I just dish it out and tell them yes, no and if they ask me why, I’ll try to explain.

I am not a believer in the ‘terrible two’ syndrome. I just don’t buy it. But I know that children throw tantrums regardless of their ages.  I keep asking myself if my older child was like this at this age.

I have asked the Holy Spirit to help me and give me more patience and grace. I literally say

Grace, Lord.  I need it now. Lol! Such desperation!

But as I write I am thinking of some of you that have had this experience with your little ones or are currently trying to work this aspect of training your child out.

As Father’s day is just around the corner I am also thinking of God our Father and how he brings us up through his word and His Spirit. While he is pruning and working on us as we journey towards becoming more like Jesus, we many times tend to think ” Surely I can have my way this one time’.  I can almost picture him laughing at some of our behaviours. But our ‘yieldedness’ will always bring us the good that God has in store for us.

If God was to play back our numerous tantrums for us to see, what would we be viewing?

In the end, we know that his will is always the best for us.

I look forward to reading your comments.

Much Love,


PS . I have just written a book. It is titled IN IT TO WIN. The aim of the book is to remind us of the importance of God’s words to us in as we go through life. Sometimes, in the heat of the moment, we forget that we have a more sure word than what our circumstances are ringing in our ears. It will bless you. Please find a copy here



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