The facilitator of our walk with God is the Holy Spirit. He teaches us and directs us and reveals the mind of God to us.
To our own advantage he is also our facilitator on our journey as parents since we cannot be the kind of parents God expects us to be without a relationship with God and we don’t control what happens within time and space.

Can you count the number of times you have felt nudge to check on your child, call your child, pray for your child, take some time out of the usual to spend with your child.How many times have you have put it down to ‘something just told me’ or maybe I am just overthinking things?’

I can’t count the number of times I have had such nudges and promptings. I can tell them differently from my intuition because they come suddenly and have not been part of my thinking process during that day. Let me say, the more children you have, the more nudges you have.

One night, we were all in bed, but I woke up as if someone gave me a big slap to get up and check  on one of my daughters. I flew out of my bed and went straight into their room, only to find her burning up from a spiking temperature. She was absolutely fine before she went to bed. I have since had countless of these promptings where each of my children are concerned.

Many stories have been told of mothers who just felt a nudge to pray for their children and have prayed as led by God and looming danger has been averted.

Some years ago, I was listening to a testimony of mother who had a similar prompting. She was in the company of some other people and just felt the need to begin to pray for her daughter and felt a pang of heaviness every time she felt that nudge. So she left and found a quiet place to pray. After a while, her daughter called her she was on her way home from school in a bus and they got apprehended by armed robbers. The robbers beat and stole from everyone on that bus expect this teenager. She said for some reason, they just didn’t touch her until they left. But her mother understood one main reason why her daughter was left unharmed.

I have since learnt not to second guess these promptings and nudges because it does not make me a crazy mother to check on my child no matter how old. I am well within my right as the watchman of my home to do so.
Sometimes, learning to tell the Holy Spirit’s voice or direction is something we do in retrospect. We look back after an event and we say so that was you God warning me or guiding my steps.

Next time, you get that nudge about your child  that interrupts what you are doing in a particular moment, please do not second guess it, don’t do it.
Just Pray
Just Call
Just text
Just check in
Just visit

Much Love


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