It is said that Creative Development is the process of growing/developing creative abilities through exploration, decision – making, and expression. Studies tell us that Children will experience or go through this  development at different stages in their lives.

Research also tells us that ninety percent of five-year-olds are highly creative. However, by the age of ten there’s only thirty percent of them left that are creative. Shocking! Even more alarming is the fact that by the time they reach adulthood there is only two percent of creative people left.

So what happens between the age of six and ten?  Creativity



Parents stop asking creative questions. That’s what! You could argue that the parents themselves are part of the statistics of  the now uncreative bunch. Hence their inability to pass on and sustain any ingenuity in their children.

There is creativity in everything we see. We need to make conscious efforts to see them.

We can encourage creativity in our children by helping them think .By asking them  questions around the difference between things they see around. For example, how is a potato not an apple? Or How is a car different from a bicycle?

Sometimes, children ask such questions and we make the mistake of shutting them up or down. lol! But every question should be treated seriously. Try to let your mind imagine the way theirs would.

So next time your child asks you a seemingly silly question, take it seriously, put on a creative thinking hat( look for one if you don’t think you have it handy, conjure it if you must) and help them think creatively. It might be one of the solutions to being unstuck when they become adults and finding solutions to things that do not seem to be working, as we find sometimes in life. Let’s increase the percentage of innovative and creative adults by encouraging the same in our youngsters who will in no time become adults.




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