Copy of you

How long has it been? I have missed sharing with you.

Recently I sat wondering about the Parent-Child relationship in respect to temperaments and dispositions.

I discovered that as unique as each child in a home is, he or she takes on a similar temperament or disposition to one or maybe both parents. Also, the parent whom this child emulates and the child in question sometimes seem to never get along. As it was in my case while growing up.

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You, Me & Integrity


A person’s possessions and belongings comprise   tangible and intangible things. The ‘touch and feel’ things are acquired and achieved through pursuit and hard work. The intangible things are inherently endowed and striven towards by a different focus; a focus that is more towards the REAL things that make up character- (the real person).  
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Making the Right Choices…

I came across this quote recently, ‘’Do something today that your future self will thank you for’’ and it got me thinking about the choices I have made in my Life. Some good, some very good and others not nice at all- don’t ask me. I won’t ask you about yours.

In retrospect, I had the opportunity to pick one or the other, make one decision or the other. I don’t think all the choices you or I have made were shoved down our throats.

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My children don’t like me very much. I know that but it’s alright. They’ll come round when they’re past 18″. These were the words of a mother of three boys who had a firm grip on her children. She said this to another set of parents who were asking for help with parenting their two tween children.  ‘We have tried being their buddies but it seems to backfire nine out of ten times’. They were genuinely not sure what to do and asked for the opinion of this firm mother with flushed and embarrassed faces. They said they noticed her children seemed to respect her.

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Fruits that keep giving

It’s a been a minute since I last wrote to you. But I’m glad I am able to do that now. I hope you have been well.

I thought to share what I have written below with you. I hope you enjoy it.

Fruits are always evident in the lives of people.  Therefore, whatever seed we sow as parents will be more evident and publicly displayed in the lives of our children.

So, I have been toying with the idea of a contrast between raising/rearing and training children. Read more “Fruits that keep giving”



  • Have you ever reached for something?
  • How high did you have to reach?
  • Do you think you reached too high?
  • Did you eventually reach it? 

Sometimes we do not reach our goals nor do we see our dreams materialise because of the fear of the unknown or better still the fear of being unprotected outside our bubbles and comfort zones. It seems like we are unable to survive outside our regular, known and comfortable environment so we begin to reshape and readjust our dreams and goals. Read more “WOULD YOU SETTLE FOR LESS?”


The Real Deal


There is a new word out these days. You might have heard it. I know I have. It has really got me thinking and looking back in retrospect.

It is the message of Authenticity.  The message of being real, first with yourself and making sure people around you know who you are after you have come to love and accept yourself.

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Setting Boundaries: A few things your child can benefit from them.

Do you remember scurrying to your room if you were downstairs watching TV after 9pm, and you suddenly heard the horn on daddy’s car at the gate? I’ll leave you to laugh that off.

There was a rule and there was a boundary: You were to be in bed by 9 pm and if you crossed the line, you got whatever was coming to you!

dictionary.com describes a boundary as something that indicates the limit to something. Read more



It is said that Creative Development is the process of growing/developing creative abilities through exploration, decision – making, and expression. Studies tell us that Children will experience or go through this  development at different stages in their lives.

Research also tells us that ninety percent of five-year-olds are highly creative. However, by the age of ten there’s only thirty percent of them left that are creative. Shocking! Even more alarming is the fact that by the time they reach adulthood there is only two percent of creative people left.

So what happens between the age of six and ten?  Creativity



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